Gravity Sucks!

Here’s a wonderfully humiliating story that I heard on the radio the other day:

Radio personality asks people to call in to relate their most awkward or embarrassing moment with a person that they have only just BEGUN dating.

This guy calls in and describes how he met this girl, they went out on one date, and as chance would have it, the Easter holiday was that following Sunday. So the girl invites him to her family’s house for Easter dinner, and he feels a bit intimidated at the thought of meeting this girl’s whole family on what would be -like- their SECOND date, but he politely accepts the invitation.

The number of people at the girl’s house turns out to be so big that they have to set up a second dining table downstairs in the Rec Room. The guy watches the girl’s mother and other relatives scurrying around to prepare both tables for their guests, at which point he asks what he can do to help. Grateful for his offer, the girl’s mother hands him a honey-baked ham on a platter to take downstairs to her husband (the girl’s father) who was setting up the second table.

After taking one step down the staircase to the Rec Room, the guy miscalculates that step and ~ all at once ~ as he struggles not to fall, the ham flies off the platter and smacks the girl’s father squarely in the face! But to make matters worse, he could not steady himself, so in trying to catch himself from falling, he grabs hold of the banister, which gives way! and the guy winds up taking the stair banister with him as he sprawls onto the floor below.

(How does one recover from such a catastrophe???)

Luckily, the guy is a carpenter, and he tells them at the very least he would be more than happy to offer his services to repair the staircase. Turns out, the girl’s father had custom built these stairs and there was a known problem with the first step being shorter than the rest…. but way to make a first impression, right?

Wow. So…… I wonder if there was ever a THIRD date…..??


As a postscript…. on the radio, the guy later said that he and that same girl wound up getting married.  So yea…!!  ….happy ending…..

~ Christina Stickler 😉

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