Religion vs. Morality….

Here is my commentary on “morality”… religion confines us to rigid definitions on morality, but at the end of the day, what are we really left with? A whole lot of “cannots”, “should-nots”, and “would-nots.” My take on morality—on RELIGION—is love of family, friends… those who I welcome into my heart, even all the curious collection of persons who I love for no logical reason, whatsoever, but I do because … maybe somehow … they need my love more than I do. I choose not to hurt these people not because I fear retribution by God, but because I fear losing myself. This does not safeguard me from being hurt by others who ~ foolishly ~ I trust, but I don’t care. I am beautiful, flawed, imperfect and desirable… and I live each day consumed by anger—bewildered at the enormity of it all. I cannot be all things to everyone as I am expected to be. My imperfection is that I strive to be “perfect”, rising to every challenge as a sort of “fuck you” to the world…. No religion in the course of history has ever brought true peace to the hearts and minds of humans thus far, but some degree of “morality” in dealing with each other while we share our time on this earth would be SO appreciated.Featured image


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