Confronting 9/11 ~ “Truthers” vs. the rest of us…

I have given much obsessive thought to the subject I am about to approach… but I have found – reluctantly – questions that seemingly remain unanswered also tend to be the ones we TRULY do not want to know the answers to! Yet, there are a brave minority of people out there that do not fear what the truth may behold. You see, when there are “holes” in the telling of events that beg explanation… it is enough for some people to demand that the spaces where these TRUTHS ought to be should warrant further investigation; these things tend to gnaw away at a curious mind until one [persistently] seeks more information. The downside, though, is when that scarce information only brings about more nagging questions that have no reasonable answers. Then…well… you’ve got yourself a nasty conspiracy theory!

As a general rule, I despise conspiracy theories. They are far more often rife with far-fetched speculation, annoying people pointing fingers at the evil, conniving government, which in my mind I normally translate as “blah blah blah blah…” However! I’ve recently discovered that sometimes troubling facts can seriously disrupt the patriotic “order” of things – yet I find that I still love my country, MY patriotism isn’t really in question – it is my faith in the global human race that I reel from! Greed, power, money, murder… it all comes down to who benefits from what, when and how.

These disconcerting inconsistencies that I’ve recently ventured to face head-on, fueled by my countless hours of research, have only lead me to the realization that there is indeed compelling, stone-cold corroborating evidence that highly qualified individuals have revealed that are not only logical, but impossible to refute…! Disillusioned as I truly am, it occurred to me that I actually feel more patriotic in that I care enough to keep my mind open to even the most devastating truths about my own country—my fellow Americans. Whatever those “truths” might be. Sure, I may feel inclined to guzzle a few gallons of booze afterwards… hahaha… but the facts ARE what they are, like it or not. And believe me…. I do NOT like them. And I do not want to believe that these facts may very well be true! But I cannot just UN-see or UN-hear what I’ve learned, either.

Up until the events of September 11th, 2001, I have dismissed conspiracy theories as quickly as I was introduced to them. When tower 2 got hit and it thus became evident that the planes crashing into the World Trade Center was the work of terrorism, my immediate gut-reaction was “Oh my God… George W. Bush finally got his war on….” In other words, Bush, Jr. now had the “justification” he wanted and NEEDED to finish the war in Iraq that his father started… more than that, to hail himself a HERO and protector of the United States of America!! Enacting Homeland Security, together with the Patriot Act, proclaiming that these would effectively red flag terrorist activity on a global scale. But here is the thing: I MADE myself stop and re-assess my suspicions, because the idea of that was just too heinous to be true!

Further, after all the commotion was subsiding and people were pretty much giving up hope that their loved ones might have escaped the buildings before they collapsed…. I -personally- was out for blood. As was most of America! Above all else, I wanted justice for these people who died a most horrific death, so it made sense in my mind to absolve the Bush administration from culpability… from the “far-fetched” idea that it was an inside job to facilitate a war. But that “gut-feeling” about George W. Bush never went away. I just suppressed it because my sense of Patriotism was flying at full mast in my heart, and I wanted our country to go after those evil terrorists who somehow toppled our infrastructure in a matter of hours. I also wanted answers!! How could this have happened? To US, a super-power with loads of technology and weaponry, while our adversary was and has always been reduced to remarkably limited resources…?!

As I stated at the beginning of this article, when faced with questions like these, only MORE questions arise, and nobody wants to “go there”. After all, if the inferences derived from formerly suppressed evidence points us in the direction of….wow, an “inside-job” perpetrated by the most unthinkable treachery in U.S. history! then how can we ~ as a Nation ~ ever make sense of that?

Why is our government seemingly refusing to disclose credible answers about 9/11 that do NOT negate eye-witness accounts by countless fire-fighters, police officers, janitors, on-lookers…. To say nothing of the overwhelming observations by a vast number of mechanical engineers, aviation and even demolition experts! These past few months, I have become somewhat of a novice with regard to the dynamics of explosives, the restrictions of speed vs. altitude in connection to the size of the airplanes that hit the twin towers…. The Pentagon and Pennsylvania crash sites that produced no fuselage beyond small, scarce fragments—and a total absence of bodies from flight 93. And here’s a question: what happened to the wings of the plane that smashed into the Pentagon?? There would have at least been SOMETHING left that remotely resembled a Boeing 757…! Again, no passengers’ bodies were recovered from that wreckage, either!

I am sorry, but THESE are reasonable questions! Yet, most Americans vehemently rebuke those who raise the possibility that the “facts” given to us by the government are STILL unfounded or without merit…! These individuals, the “Truthers” as they’re called, who protest and make a lot of noise to get the attention of the American people, are largely dismissed as conspiracy nutjobs! Yet, there is a surprising number of high profile people/celebrities who -like me- smelled a RAT the moment they watched the towers suddenly free-fall **symmetrically** all-on-their-own in a matter of seconds, each one respectively. Especially building (WTC) 7 which sustained NO direct impact other than secondary fire damage from the main towers; it collapsed (again, symmetrically—free-fall style) within its own footprint, too! Here is what I feel cannot be ignored: what the 9/11 Commission Report claim happened to those buildings is not possible, neither theoretically OR physically. Building 7 did not even suffer structural damage!! (Interestingly enough, WTC 7 was not even mentioned in the 9/11 Commission report…!) Further, no fire is going to cause a demolition-styled free fall into each one’s own footprints which is what we all saw happen! On a side note: is it just me, or is it an alarming coincidence that the lease-holders of the WTCs profited over $3 billion dollars in insurance pay-outs…? How delightfully convenient for them.

One thing I know for sure: the “truths” in this world, in human history, is not for everyone. It’s like knowing the day and time the world is going to end; how many of us would rather NOT know because there would be nothing anyone could do about it, anyway?! The world views those who have the audacity to ask questions… these “conspiracy theorists”…. as crazy, appalling, un-patriotic, and grossly insensitive human beings! How dare they accuse the government of gauging the American tax-payers, killing innocent people world-wide, and providing an exclusive opportunity to set aside democracy for any one person at any time, i.e., the Patriot Act, which gives our government the freedom to take OURS… YOUR civil liberties without a lawyer, without due process or basic human rights, without ANYthing for any length of time under the pretext of “terrorism”! And how perfect for the government that people all over the world actually support the Patriot Act, regardless of their profound loss of privacy, because they fear terrorism more than they fear the loss of their civil liberties. I know this because I use to agree with them! In a way, I still do…. only because there really is no other alternative.

I am but a speck …in a sea of dust. So I place my future in the “capable” hands of FATE. If I live or die as a result, I doubt that there would’ve been any other way to avoid it. But I will say this: knowing what is or is not REAL strengthens my resolve to keep an open mind, and—unfortunately—learn to distrust everyone and everything at face value. Fact or fiction…. real news or lies…. Decidedly, there is a very thin line between them all. I cannot tell you how disappointed that makes me feel.


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