Holocaust Deniers ~ Seriously? WTF…

Holocaust - Very REAL Atrocities


Mr. David Irving,

Being a professed Holocaust-Denier, you say you read every {prickly} email that comes your way and that you eventually respond to each one…. for that, with all due respect, I give you some credit for your dedication to your “cause”–however rancid and outrageously offensive they are.

Like most people, my initial take upon learning of you was”WTF?!”  Having listened patiently to your lecture advocating Hitler’s fascist ideology, I was blown away to hear you defending the worst criminals in all of human history! These individuals were responsible for the most calculated acts of savagery and genocide!  To down-play or deny these truths is beyond distasteful, in the face of irrefutable evidence, i.e., thousands of eye-witness accounts, and just as many photos and video footage depicting heinous atrocities, one of the worst known to man.

However, it took a while –too long– to GET to the part where you talked about…. anything resembling an “answer” to my [outraged] “WTF”, listening to you drone on about the “real” victims of WWII… so I decided to Google you, instead!  Much more time-efficient, turns out.

I am not a Jew, nor am I European, and I do not affiliate myself with any sort of religion. I’m an American, though my roots are not too terribly far from Europe; my father’s grandfather was British. In fact, on both parents’ sides, my lineage is entirely “Caucasian” and of “Gentile” descent.  So you may wonder why I find overwhelming cause to confront you regarding your misguided, amoral beliefs.  You are suggesting that the events that took place in Sobibor Death CampBelzec Death CampTreblinka Death CampChelmno Death CampBergen Belsen, and the most infamously known to the world:  Auschwitz Extermination Camp, are all FALSE ALLEGATIONS?   In any courtroom, the preponderance of the evidence to support an accusation is entirely the responsibility of a Prosecutor or Plaintiff. Can you honestly say that there is any shortage of physical evidence that can be used to “absolve” the Third Reich and all you so-called “Holocaust-Deniers”?  We’re talking about evidence so ghastly that it traumatizes the hearts & minds of any psychologically “sound” human being!!

I WILL concede that the masses who lost loved ones and/or found their lives shattered in the aftermath of WWII, may very well have included innocent non-Jewish Germans, as you’ve mentioned.  And their lives were lost to tragedy, as well.  But to claim that JEWS were not being systematically eradicated by the Nazis — at the order of Hitler — is absolutely ludicrous!  Not to mention, other groups (no matter their ethnicity–even GERMAN!) were also imprisoned and murdered, as well:  Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses,  people with disabilities, Leftists, Gays, Soviet POWs, Romani, Polish & Soviet civilians, and just basically ANYONE not Aryan or politically/religiously in line with Hitler.

***** I want to stop for a moment and relate this story to you, or all who may be interested, because it NEEDS to be heard: *****

I want to pass along this story that was told to me by my wonderful old neighbor who served in WWII (he died of old age–his 90s–back in 1995) …it is only one of MANY I will never forget as long as I live;  it was such a privilege to be friends with this little old man because he was a FONT of life experiences…. and he seemed so calm, serene… just happy with his life.   Well, entering Al’s small home was like walking out of a time-machine!! It was exquisite with all the well-polished furnishings one would find in a modestly affluent home in 1935.  He was such an easy-going, gentle soul.  He had never married, and he lived and died happily owning only his old radio, no TV.  Al had quite a sharp wit and not a shred of senility… even at his advanced age!  I went out of my way to visit my neighbor, Al… to hear his stories. He never failed to pique my interest.

But the one life experience he told to me was a segment in time during his tour of duty in WWII, when he and his fellow GI’s encountered a concentration camp towards the end of the war. They found it abandoned, save for the starving people who were imprisoned there. The men in his unit immediately recoiled from the SMELL of human decay and such, but they made quick work of knocking down the fence that separated these Jews from freedom. To their surprise, not a soul moved. The GI’s looked at one another in confusion…. Al heard one of his men say, with his nose and mouth covered by the sleeve of his jacket, “someone should go in there and tell them it’s safe to leave….” Finally, Al sighed and took it upon himself to walk towards these frightened people who were mostly skin and bones, and he stepped inside the camp, alone…. he knew no German (or Polish, whatever the case was) so, flustered, he raised both arms and simply told them: “You’re free!” and smiled.

He was then rushed by a grateful mob of prisoners who could barely walk, surrounded by their sheer joy for saving them… No soldier among them understood these people’s language, but it was pretty clear he was a “golden god” to them at that moment. Al recalled his fellow GI’s being rather jealous of his accolades after all was said and done, bad smell or not… In telling me about this experience, Al led me upstairs to his guest room where he pulled out a drawer, and to my SHOCK it was a Nazi flag. He had other concentration camp “souvenirs” but he kept them to remind him of his small, yet meaningful triumph over evil. His whole unit ripped down every swastika on the premises that day! I’m sure Al wasn’t the only GI to keep a few items as a FUCK YOU to Nazi, Germany.

Seeing the atrocities up close and personal as they did….. I am not surprised at all that the American soldiers went to neighboring towns and forced these people to look at and smell what was going on RIGHT under their own noses. When someone looked away, a US soldier screamed at them like a drill sergeant to LOOK at what they turned a blind eye to…. what they ignored while living just blocks away from the crematoriums! For the sake of humanity, at least not a single German civilian left without tears in their eyes that day.

Mr. Irving, you are turning a blind eye to a historical TRUTH so blatantly documented, anyone with half a brain would know better than to try and SPIN this -Holocaust- to be anything other than what it truly was.  Not by your conjecture, and certainly not by your attempt to alter history to fit a less-damning reality that you’re choosing to believe.   I must know: WHY do you want to take a stance against an already abominable event that will continue to live on for generations, even while the survivors who saw things first hand are long gone?!  But… honestly, I’m not even sure who’s agenda you are representing–such is the vague manner of  your attempt to “debunk” the mass murder of  11 – 17 million innocent people; that’s including non-Jews, as well.

What I AM sure of is that you are publishing books and touring for PROFIT, which has to be part of your agenda, at the very least… but I’ll tell you something: the TRUTH is louder than profit. It’s louder than lies when being upheld by stone-cold evidence!! I cannot believe you had the audacity to attempt a libel suit. You want to know why you lost that case—and with it, your credibility? Hell, even your likability?!!  Because the Holocaust is not some Conspiracy Theory…!!  If you were to argue Watergate, the assassination of JFK, Marilyn Monroe’s suspicious “suicide”, or even 9/11… THEN I might give an ear to what you have to say. But you see…. genocide is one of those “things” that can never be justified by anyone, anytime.

You’re so sure of yourself, though… aren’t you, Mr. Irving? Next, you’ll be conducting seminars on how the mass genocide of Muslims in the Bosnian war (early 90’s) was perpetrated by a “fake” Ratko Mladic! Some of the atrocities that were witnessed there, photos taken, filmed in color, etc., were so unspeakable that the grisly crimes perpetrated in the Holocaust almost pales by comparison. Are you a proponent of genocide?–that there exists humans in this world that you deem unworthy to breathe the same air as you?  Because in my experience, only the ones who HATE are the only ones who HURT.


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