Westboro Baptist Church ~ God Hates Bigotry…!

Dear Shirley ~  If God were to choose a small faction of “His people” to condemn our nation, cast judgment on strangers, and claim to be The Voice of God—as though they presume to know what and/or WHO God “hates”…. Why would God single out the Westboro Baptist Church?  What makes you so uniquely qualified for salvation when you abuse (and manipulate) the Constitution of the United States – as you also subvert scripture to promote your own hate-mongering agenda?  How is it possible that not one of you can or will explain why you are the only ones that God does NOT hate?

If God HATES AMERICANS (not even going to bother with your rampage on Gays, Jews, Swedes…??…Big Bird, Teletubbies, Ken, Barbie and/or Bert and Ernie living in SIN, etc.)—then God must hate the very government that has -conveniently enough- given your church members the FREEDOM and the “right” to hold offensive signs, shout and sing apostate nonsense, and glory in creating a ruckus at soldiers’ funerals; these families are grieving, and NO ONE has the right to make a mockery of something so sacred and painfully personal as putting to rest a loved one who – incidentally – died in service to and on behalf of this country!  Whatever your political views, we are still talking about brave individuals who willingly sacrificed their young lives to ensure that America’s freedom and 1st Amendment rights remain intact!  You’re welcome, Westboro… by the way!  How about you try these kinds of stunts in Iran, Syria, Guatemala, Haiti, Afghanistan, Libya… the Sudan… see how well you are received by THEIR governments.  I dare you!  Hey, don’t THEY also have souls in need of your prophecy of doom??  But wait… You support genocide.  Don’t you all advocate that the Jews were their own Nazis, or some such nonsense…?

 There is so much contradiction with you people.  It’s like “opposite” day ~ every day ~ in your world!  Shirley Phelps, you cannot have it both ways:  since you hate the government, its “gay-enabling” laws and all that, then by all means, I cordially invite you to abstain from utilizing the Bill of Rights, take down your picket signs, go home and shut up!  I’ll tell you what God hates… Hypocrisy.  You’ve got that going on in SPADES, madam!  No amount of scripture can justify a single foul word you have to say.  That’s what is most frustrating about you people… Jesus Christ, himself, coined the phrase “judge not, lest ye be judged.”  Whatever happened to “God is love”?  All you have to “offer” in the way of preaching to the masses [in an effort to “save” them,] is God-slandering corruption.  You are campaigning HATRED in God’s name!  NOW whose soul is going down in flames??!  You know, I find it very interesting that the Bible actually warns us about YOU.  It does!  It tells us:  “Watch out for false prophets.”  Well, I think we can all agree that you are really really really hard to miss.

 The most tragic aspect of the whole Westboro Baptist Church spectacle is the little kids, the teens and young adults who have been brainwashed, and who are subjected to holding signs and being scorned by angry mobs of people because their parents tell them to.  That, in and of itself, is child abuse.  Those poor kids… you can see the distress, embarrassment, fear, even confusion in their eyes as they stand holding signs that many of them have no clue what it even means!  and I am not condoning the bad behavior on the part of people reacting violently to these signs… yelling, threatening and throwing things at them.  But Shirley Phelps and her minions are placing these fragile young people in harm’s way!  It is also the practice of their church to SHUN any man, woman or child who dares to disagree with their belief-system.  How can any son or daughter – any child – NOT live in fear every single day?  There is no demonstration of LOVE happening in these families.  Only judgment.  I truly weep for those children, and there should be a law enacted to protect them, if only it COULD protect them.  But all any of us can really do is hope and pray to God that these kids grow up and find their way in this world away from HATE and indoctrination.  It is hideous to see these sweet little kids holding signs they don’t even know how to READ yet, and hear the foul things being said or shouted at them—just the intensity of people’s anger must frighten them all on its own!  Sure, it’s the adults who are being confronted, but the little ones still have ears and I cannot bear to see how damaging that is for them!

 The moral of this sad, sad tale?  May God forgive and bless… all of us… even the Westboro’s.  God is being insulted daily by them, yet… those of us who know the true God know that He will forgive even THEIR willful ignorance.  Because if Heaven really IS populated with only people like Shirley and co., then I – for one – would rather go to hell…!

by Christina Keep (Stickler)  ~ dreamichristini@gmail.com


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