Bain Capital ~ Mitt Romney is the WORST MORMON EVER!!


This movie might actually be BASED on Mitt Romney!

I just learned something about Mitt Romney that–had I known before the election was over–I would have harped on this like a crazy person! And you all thought I was fanatical over the electoral issues…. okay, I was. Definitely. But I was listening to Howard Stern today, and it was an old broadcast, but I listened anyway because it was about Bain Capital and what Mitt Romney’s role was as a CEO of that company.

Just to put it simply, how many of you out there have seen the movie “Barbarians at the Gate” which was a made-for-TV movie in 1993? It was nominated for an Emmy… Anyway, there have been other more recent movies that depict the soullessness of Leverage Buyout (LBO) companies. What a ruse that is… and it leans heavily on the threshold of FRAUD! Mitt Romney made his millions on the backs of corporations that his “consulting firm”, Bain Capital, seduced into trusting as a means to advise and/or save said company from going under! The really devious part is that once Bain hooked its claws in, they charged fees for their services and then WHOA! Suddenly said company has additional millions of dollars of DEBT owed to Bain Capital that they cannot pay back! So people who built their companies from the ground up–30, 40 years of their lives–start getting fired, let go…. “tightening the belt”! And little by little, that company is gutted and sold. How LBO’s remains legal, I’ll never know.

Nothing good comes of LBOs, no jobs are created but rather eliminated, and no product is made to sell or benefit anyone, anywhere! The only ones who benefit are/were the CEOs of Bain Capital, who profited millions of dollars pulling off this SCAM over and over (in other words, if you were a struggling business and Bain Capital was standing at your door, knowing what we know now, it would have been a no-brainer to just… RUN …!!)   Former Presidential-hopeful, Mitt Romney, was a key figure in launching this little endeavor, and thanks to his ingenious.. sneaky, low-down business practices, countless people lost their jobs–their life’s WORK–and to add insult to the financial injury, Romney & Co. actually did outsource thousands of jobs to China (you know, those “liars” he spoke of) because they could save a whole lot of money and profit MORE that way! Who’s the big fat LIAR now, huh?

The point is, THIS COULD HAVE BEEN OUR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!  How scary is that? Thank GOD he lost!  How could anyone in their right mind VOTE for Romney with his lengthy track-record of leveraged buy-outs, the lowest of the low in big business??! It took me all of 2 seconds to Google this and it’s all out there for the public to see and be aware of as Republicans still went out and voted for Mitt Romney, anyway!  Knowing this about a Presidential candidate would have been an enormous deterrent, once upon a time… ???  What would he have done with our country’s infrastructure–as greedy and self-serving as his campaign already was?  I cannot even GO there because it’s too heinous to imagine!

But knowing who he really is, it disturbs me that this man, this “good” Mormon, upstanding guy, is in every way a sociopath criminal at heart! The fact that he touts the LDS church as his deeply held faith pisses me off even more! Mormons are very good people, normally. My aunt lived and died by the Mormon faith, and she was as close to saint-like as you can get!  She is one of many that I’ve known who are truly wholesome, caring and loving.  Mormons have their own welfare system within the church–and it is well organized and even high in quality!  Charity and helping others is an every-day part of what church members provide for the less-fortunate; in fact, Missionaries are commissioned to work, clean, mow lawns, etc. for people in need–even non Mormons!–in addition to preaching “the Gospel”.  How does Mitt Romney factor in to all of this?  He is like.. the anti-Christ of all things Mormon!

For a Republican who wanted to bankrupt the Detroit auto industry (in their time of need) and end public assistance (DHS, FEMA, Healthcare, etc.) he sure didn’t shy away from accepting the federal bailout WHICH, by the way, Romney ultimately “…screwed the FDIC – the bank insurance system backed by taxpayers – out of at least $10 million. And in an added insult, Romney rewarded top executives at Bain with hefty bonuses at the very moment that he was demanding his handout from the feds.”  (Tim Dickinson, The Rolling Stone Magazine, Aug. 29, 2012.)

Read more here: regarding the government bail outs thatRomney orchestrated after Bain Capital began to collapse from its own flagrant mishandling of funds.

There are criminals in prison right now who have a higher sense of moral code than Romney!  Seriously. We’re talking about hardcore, long-term prison inmates who would SHANK a guy like him for lesser reasons!  It just pains me to have spent sooo many hours campaigning against the Republican party, engaging in many heated debates where Obama was being shredded, and I could not emphasize the LOGIC of voting against Romney enough!  The reasons were painfully clear to ME… I just could not understand what we “libs” really had to argue about with the “conservs” (I started calling them that after one guy kept referring to me as “you libs…”)  I mean, it was sort of like Romney/Ryan were campaigning to repel voters from electing them–every time I turned around, something new would jump out and either outrage an entire minority, or a whole gender of voters!  I guess the only thing left to say is…. thank you, Romney/Ryan….. for being so over-the-top audacious that even members of your own party didn’t want to vote for you!!!


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